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"Industrial accident where I severed my pinky finger and ripped the skin loose from my third finger. On the recommendation of the emergency room doctor, I waited for Dr. Mikolyzk to perform surgery that evening. Through excellent healthcare, especially Dr. Mikolyzk, I am on the way to a full recovery. Nursing facilities, Rehab Plus, and staff have been great." - John W.

"I had tennis elbow that would not go away. Three weeks after surgery the elbow is already better than prior to the surgery and am looking forward to continued improvement." - Timothy M.

"After several years of pain in my thumbs, sometimes a very sharp pain at the base of my thumbs, I decided to see if there was something to help. I never stopped doing things because of the pain, I would just do less at a time. I went to Dr. Mikolyzk's talk on hands and decided to see if anything could help me. I was hoping it could be therapy or something simple. When I saw Dr. Mikolyzk and he took x-rays he found bone-on-bone and not much but surgery would help. I talked to another patient who had one hand done and she just had the second one done with great results. That helped me make the decision for surgery. I'm very pleased with my right hand and will have the left hand done soon. I had surgery two months ago and am back doing all that I did before. I'm working on strength therapy and it is getting better each day." - Mary K.

"I had a car accident a couple of months ago. The doctor in the emergency room recommended I follow up with Dr. Mikolyzk, because I had fractures on both of my hands. My appointment with Dr. Mikolyzk went well. He was so considerate to be sure that I could get back to using my hands again. Dr. Mikolyzk did not put me in cast because of my rheumatoid arthritis. He was concerned that I would get too stiff. He explained very clearly how to care for myself and keep my hands mobile. All of the nurses were so helpful, loving, and kind, and made me feel special.  Thank you all! I now can cook, bake, garden, sew, and do everything I used to do. I will recommend Dr. Mikolyzk and is staff at HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics to everyone." - Rosanna K.

"While taking a walk on Sunday, May 1st, I tripped and fell over a large crack in the sidewalk. I shattered my wrist. I had both knees replaced 2 years ago, which meant I could not kneel, and with my shattered wrist I discovered I could not get up from the ground. A passing gentleman and my husband lifted me and helped me to my feet. My husband drove me to the emergency room. Dr. Kirk Dimitris was the on-call orthopaedic doctor, so he came in to put a cast on my arm. On Friday, May 6th, Dr. Mikolyzk performed surgery to correct the alignment of my fracture.  He was super. In one month's time, I was moving my hand pretty well and had minimal pain. After 6 weeks, I was able to drive a car, do dishes, dress myself, etc. I am very pleased with how this turned out." - Barbara K.

"During the summer of 2010, I blacked out and fell on the sidewalk, injuring my right hand and arm. I was in intense pain. I had x-rays, but they did not show any serious injury, so when my husband soon after required quadruple bypass surgery, my hand and arm problems were put on hold. Months later, after life settled down a bit, I made an appointment with my doctor, who then referred me to see Dr. Mikolyzk at HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics. The holidays were near, so I chose to defer surgery until January. Our son and his family were home from Cincinnati. As I explained my upcoming surgery to them, they stated they hoped that my surgeon was as good as the one who attended our granddaughter's rare and serious hand injury from a school diving competition accident. The world became a little smaller when we found out later that the two surgeons were actually one and the same - our very own Dr. Mikolyzk!! He was in Cincinnati at that time doing his fellowship training with Cincinnati's best hand doctor! Every detail of my own surgery was very clearly and patiently explained. No surprises! My surgical scar became nearly impossible to see in a short while. Dr. Mikolyzk was always compassionate and kind. I would not have a second thought about seeing him again if needed. The people in Rehab Plus who did my therapy were a great match to his work. All together, there was so much to be thankful for.  Dr. Mikolyzk and Rehab Plus have helped me return to my normal activities, with the exception of lifting heavy things with one hand. I can do light housework, gardening, driving, all the normal stuff." - Donna M.

"I had terrible pain and weakness in my hands day and night. I tried cortisone shots and topical gels, but nothing seemed to help. When I met with Dr. Mikolyzk, he diagnosed me with severe osteoarthritis and told me about a surgical procedure that could help me. I was skeptical, but I went ahead and had the surgery on March 1, 2011 and rehab 2 months after. I now have a lot less pain and am doing well with my hands. HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics has helped me a lot. My husband Lloyd and I were treated great. I ask a lot of questions and get pretty upset when I am in pain. I was treated very kindly, and my treatment plan was explained in great detail all throughout the process. I do gardening, yard work, and housework. At 76 years old, I feel that arthritis has become a problem for me. I will continue to use the services at HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics to help me with that. Thank you to everyone at HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics and Holy Family. We feel so cared for and thankful!" - Virgene C.

"I developed trigger finger of my left thumb in the winter of 2009-2010 from shoveling snow. I received 2 cortisone injections into my left thumb during the past winter and this winter as well. The latter did not take effect, so surgery was the next option. I had grown tired of manually opening up my thumb each morning and dealing with the pain every time I moved my thumb or used my left hand. Dr. Mikolyzk performed surgery on April 1, 2011. I no longer experience pain in my left thumb and no longer have to open/unlock my thumb each morning. I can now return to opening doors and lids, playing the piano, shoveling snow, lifting weights, and working outside in my garden without pain or limitations. I can't believe I'm doing all of this only 3 weeks after surgery!" - Ann U.

"I came to HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics for three different problems, and saw Dr. Dimitris, Dr. Mikolyzk, and Dr. Manning. Here is my story. I had to have my right knee replaced in January of 2011, and Dr. Dimitris did the surgery. While I was rehabbing at home from my knee surgery, I fell while riding my bike and broke both elbows. I went to see Dr. Mikolyzk and had surgery and therapy and I have regained my strength and mobility in both my elbows and my knee. I also had a pinched nerve that I saw Dr. Manning for. HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics and Rehab Plus has gotten my life back to normal with NO PAIN. I have complete mobility of both my arms and my knee. I received excellent care from Dr. Dimitris, Dr. Mikolyzk, and Dr. Manning, as well as all of the physical therapists. I highly recommend using HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics and all of the HFM network. They are very courteous, professional, and friendly. Plus, they take the time to explain your options so that you can understand. I am now able to do everything and anything that I want. I thank all of you for getting me back to doing whatever I want to do and being pain-free!" - Michael G.

"I saw Dr. Mikolyzk for numbness and tingling in my right hand, which I had for over one year. I needed help! Dr. Mikolyzk did surgery on my had and it did wonders. I'm very grateful for the help he has given me. Now, I can use my hand without pain. I can do more letter-writing, and go bowling and use my vacuum cleaner with no pain in my hand." - Ruth T.

"I saw Dr. Mikolyzk for severe pain in my right  hand, wrist, and thumb area. I had lost a lot of strength in my hand and couldn't do anything without having severe pain. Dr. Mikolyzk did surgery on my wrist for tendonitis. It greatly helped and now I hardly have any pain and can do all the things I was unable to do before surgery." - Beverly E.

"Dr. Dimitris had given me three Synvisc shots early in 2010 and it really helped my knee. In late 2011 early 2012, my knee gave me some trouble, so I got three Orthovisc shots to seek relief. So far, it is good. Dr. Manning gave me an exam for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr. Mikolyzk did my surgery. All three doctors are very friendly and very good at explaining things. All thee doctors' nurses and the office people are very friendly. It sure is great coming to see everybody smile! Now, I can do yard work, gardening, fishing, vacation, enjoy my grandkids as they grow, and play cards without difficulty. Coming to HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics has helped me learn to appreciate all the good things a doctor can do for you!" - Lloyd V.

"I was having trouble with tendonitis at the base of my right thumb. I already had a cortisone injection and a year later the pain and swelling were back. I then went to see Dr. Mikolyzk. He gave me a cortisone injection and had me go to occupational therapy to try and strengthen the area. About a month after therapy was completed the symptoms were back. I went back to Dr. Mikolyzk and he said surgery was needed. Dr. Mikolyzk did a compartment release and two weeks later I went back to work. I was very satisfied with the care I received from every one. I was made to feel at ease and my questions were answered. I can now use my right hand and thumb without the pain I had before." - Donna T.

"I would like to extend a major "Thanks" to you for the great job you did concerning my carpel tunnel. I had two full-set guitar practices this week. I haven't played this effortlessly since I was in my young twenties. I am extraordinarily surprised (and pleased) at the difference this procedure has made." - Bob R.

"I had a lot of pain in my left wrist and went to see Dr. Mikolyzk. Dr. Mikolyzk took X-rays and said that I had arthritis, bone-on-bone. I had three shots of cortisone, but they did not work. Then, he did surgery that removed three bones. Since then, the pain is gone and I can do almost everything again. I can shovel snow, chop wood, lift boxes, etc. Doc did a great job!" - Patrick B.