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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Delo.

"I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Delo and her nurse, Erin, are like a well-oiled machine as they work together. They certainly compliment each other. This is one of three physicians in your group that truly made me feel like my health mattered and treated me with care and compassion, not just another old body. Dr. Delo has went the extra mile with me for an extremely painful condition that she has, I feel, mastered in the treatment she has given me for no cartilage in my knees, bone on bone, Bakers cysts, one of which broke and caused extreme pain and swelling. She is a huge asset to your roster of physicians along with her nurse, Erin. I told her they both sparkle because of their bubbly personality and concern and if I ever didn't need them to care for my knee problems anymore, I would make an appointment just because they are both so capable and nice to be around. Hang on to them!" - Sharon M.

"I have had bilateral tennis elbow surgeries in the past. I still had a lot of pain that radiated down my arms from my elbows to my fingers. I saw many doctors and had many injections and a lot of anti-inflammatories. Nothing worked for me. Then, I had the closed tenotomy procedure with Dr. Delo. That worked so well, I had the same procedure done for my plantar fasciitis in my left foot. Both were a success!! I have never been happier. I am so glad I had Dr. Delo do this procedure on me. The scarring is minimal and there was very little pain afterwards. I healed fast and I couldn't be happier. The staff and care I received is top notch. This is the best and only place I will come to if I need to have any procedures done." - Lori V.

"For the past three years, I have suffered from chronic right elbow pain diagnosed as Lateral Epicondlylitis.  During the course of this time I had undergone physical therapy and received five cortizone injections all with limited results. I was now facing the option of traditional elbow surgery and a lengthy recovery period. However, my wife Elizabeth (a Holy Family employee), suggested I schedule an appointment with Dr. Delo to discuss if I would be a candidate for a FAST Tenotomy procedure. She had recently heard that Holy Family Memorial's Dr. Delo had received special training and is the only provider in the State of Wisconsin to do this procedure. Dr. Delo performed an ultrasound examination and determined that I would be a good fit for this procedure. She thoroughly explained the merits of the Tenotomy stating that it is minimally invasive, offers a faster recovery and is less expensive than traditional surgery. My Closed FAST Tenotomy was done on a Friday in the offices of Holy Family Memorial's Lakeshore Orthopaedics as an outpatient procedure. The total time of the procedure was less than twenty minutes.  I was back to work on Monday on light duty and returned to my regular job with no restrictions within 4 weeks. I can't say enough about the professional and compassionate care given by Dr. Delo and her nurse Erin. I would highly recommend them for your orthopaedic care. Today I am back to doing the things that I enjoy like gardening and golf, and doing them all pain free." - John V.

"Dear Dr. Delo: Thank you for changing my life. While that may sound like hyperbole, I assure you it is not. This February, I presented with plantar fasciitis and you sent me to therapy. Brad ascertained the main problem was a very stiff pelvis and gave me exercises to correct the conditions. Vicki added more. Within a week, I noticed a change in my posture and how I walked (at least 10 miles per week). It's been three months now and the improvement continues (I do my exercises five times or more a week). Instead of presenting at my chiropractor's with the left leg one inch shorter than the right, the difference is one half inch. The increased strength and flexibility of the lumbar region are holding adjustments better. I'm adjusted every two weeks, and my doctor notices some new improvement with every visit. For someone who has walked and stood incorrectly for probably 50 years (ever since I seriously injured L4 and 5 at age 16), I'd say this has been a life-changing experience. It wouldn't have happened had you not taken me seriously and sent me to physical therapy." Scottie D.