Passion for podiatry

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Meet HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics’ Dr. Jonathan Snellgrove.

Why do you want to look at feet for a living? Jonathan Snellgrove, a podiatrist with HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics often hears that question.

Despite examining feet for the last 15 years, Dr. Snellgrove is still fascinated by the problems beneath our shoes.

He will tell you that while attending Florida State University for his undergraduate degree, feet were the last thing on his mind. It was a job shadow experience with podiatrist Dr. George Merritt that brought feet in focus.

My belief is that if I can save a limb, I can save a life.

He observed Dr. Merritt’s compassionate bed side manner, encounters with patients and helping to diagnose their conditions, providing orthotics, and performing surgeries in the office.

Over the course of two years job shadowing Dr. Merritt, Jonathan saw how critical healthy feet are for quality of life. This is the reason why he decided to become a doctor of podiatric medicine.

“People spend a lot of time on their feet but most people don’t think about them until they experience foot pain, complications, cannot walk, and sometimes even face the possibility of amputation.” said Dr. Snellgrove. “My belief is that if I can save a limb, I can save a life.”

And that is the driving motivation behind Dr. Snellgrove’s work.

He enjoys caring for people dealing with serious foot problems such as diabetes and helping them keep their feet in top condition.

“It’s very rewarding being able to help someone get back on their feet and back to an active lifestyle,” said Dr. Snellgrove.

When he’s not busy seeing patients, you can find Dr. Snellgrove on an outdoor adventure mountain biking, kayaking, or hiking at the Cherney Maribel Caves Park with his two dogs—Roxy, a German Shepard and Benny, a Jack Russel.

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