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At HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics, we have one standard of care for all—the best.

Billing Information

Holy Family Memorial continually strives to contain costs, while maintaining our commitment to excellence in medical care, by ensuring that every appropriate effort is made to collect money owed to Holy Family Memorial for services provided.

Patients are responsible for the charges for services received. However, to assist patients in meeting their financial obligations, Holy Family Memorial will bill their health insurance carrier(s), as long as a valid ID card or information regarding insurance coverage is presented at the time of registration.

Holy Family Memorial accepts assignments of benefits and maintains an active follow-up program with all insurance carriers. Insurance is billed as a courtesy to the patient and the patient remains responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to ensure prompt payment of their accounts. Patients should contact their insurance if payment has not been made within 45 days.

At the patient's request, a detailed bill may be provided. Once the balance is self pay, Holy Family Memorial will send monthly statements to the patient or responsible party to keep them informed of the status of all open accounts.

Billing Questions

If you have any questions regarding your account, please call Patient Business Services at (920) 320-2591, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To pay your bill online, click here.

Billing FAQ's

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about billing:

I received an orthopaedic injury at work. Can I file this claim under workers' compensation?

At the time of your first appointment for this injury, you must fill out an HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics Injury Information form at the office. We will need the date of injury, your employer, and contact information for billing.

Why isn't the insurance paying?

Possibly, the claim is being held because the insurance company is waiting for you to respond with the accident date and type of injury. Your group health insurance is making sure there is no other insurance (such as accident insurance) that would possibly pay for the charge. Patients should contact their insurance if payment has not been made within 45 days.

Why do I have two different bills?

You will receive separate bills from both the hospital and physicians. Your hospital bill does not include fees from the attending physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, or emergency physician. You will receive a separate bill from these physicians.

What if I do not have insurance?

Patients that are uninsured or fail to provide us with adequate billing information, including proper managed care authorization referrals, are responsible for the total payment of their bill. If you have any questions or need to make payment arrangements to resolve your account, please call Patient Business Services at (920) 320-2591.

How much will it cost to see the doctor?

To receive an estimate of charges for services you may need, please call (920) 320-2591.

Insurance Plan List

We participate in as many insurance plans as possible to make it easier for patients to get the healthcare they need and deserve.

Following is a list of plans and networks with which we participate. This list may change occasionally, so we ask that you reference it from time to time. If you do not see your plan listed, please contact your plan or our office to confirm whether or not we are participating.

Participating Plans:

  • Anthem Blue Cross+Blue Shield PPO/Compcare POS/Compcare
  • Arise HMO+POS
  • Bellin/ThedaCare Physician Partners PPO
  • Choice Care PPO
  • First Health/CCN PPO
  • Health EOS PPO (AHC, WPPN, HCN)
  • Health Payment Systems (HPS)
  • HFM Direct
  • Humana HMO
  • Interplan Health Group/PPO
  • Multiplan PPO
  • Network Health HMO, POS, PPO
  • Paradigm PPO
  • Prevea PPO
  • Trilogy PPO
  • WEA Trust Preferred PPO

Additional Information

For HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics office visits, payment is expected on the day of your office visit. You will be furnished information and a form to use in claiming the reimbursement from your insurance company, but we will not file claims for you unless we have a prior agreement with your insurance carrier.

For surgical procedures and other services performed outside of our office, we may agree to file with your insurance company for payment to be made directly to us. This will allow you to avoid paying a large fee and having to wait to be reimbursed. You will be asked to talk with our accounting department prior to your surgical procedure to make certain that we have appropriate insurance information for your account. We will do whatever we can to assist you with your insurance claim.

In instances where there is an accident-related injury that may require legal action, we hold the person who has received our services responsible for the bill payment, regardless of any pending legal action. Once HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics receives the bill, we will furnish any necessary information to your legal counsel.

For work-related injuries, we will need written authorization from your insurance carrier.

If you have any questions regarding work-related conditions, please contact our office at (920) 320-5241.

HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics is a Medicare provider and accepts assignment for Medicare patients.

Please note, deductibles and co-payments are due at the time of your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or payment and billing, please contact a HFM Lakeshore Orthopaedics representative at (920) 320-5241.